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Writing, Revising, and Editing Your Draft

Writing with confidence

Your goal in writing the draft, the fourth step in the writing process — is to get your ideas down on computer. Don’t expect perfection. Few people can communicate their ideas clearly the first time, so don’t be surprised to find yourself backtracking and making changes. Many people feel this is the biggest writing chore. However, the hardest work — the outline — is behind you.

Have you ever been stuck for words when trying to write? This is writer’s block — the inability to cultivate ideas. There are different degrees, from a total inability to write to an inability to write on certain subjects. The key to overcoming this is to be relaxed and confident. A writing process helps too. For example, you may prefer writing in the evening rather than during the day.

There are four tips to help you become more confident and “unblocked” about writing. Tips for better writing include breaking it into chunks and starting where it feels most natural. It also helps to use your outline to begin writing. Last, if you’re suffering from writer’s block, freewrite about your topic.

You might have recognized that breaking your writing into chunks is useful if your writing task is especially large.

Just knowing you don’t have to write the entire document at once often gets you writing, one chunk at a time. This also eases you into the writing task.

It helps to set deadlines for completing each chunk and reward yourself for meeting those deadlines. Perhaps you could schedule a break after each chunk.