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The 3-step Process to Generate Writing Ideas

Identifying the writing purpose

Have you ever felt daunted at the thought of writing a business document to a tight deadline? It’s hard not to feel anxious in such situations. Most people find it difficult to write under pressure and often feel dissatisfied with their results.

There’s a five-step process that’ll help you produce quality results when writing under pressure. The first step involves generating ideas. The second step is gathering information, and then organizing your ideas. The fourth step is writing the draft. The final step involves revising and editing the draft. You’ll find this approach useful because each step builds on the previous one. 

The steps aren’t lengthy or difficult. And you can ease yourself into the task by starting with the basics and working toward a final draft.

The first step in the writing process is generating ideas, which involves three steps: identifying the purpose of your writing, identifying your audience, and creating a freestyle list of the main ideas.

But, let’s see each step of generating ideas to learn more about it.

Identifying purpose of writing

Identifying the purpose of your writing is important because it enables you to target your efforts as you generate ideas.

For example, a marketing director says the purpose of a proposal document is to get resources for new product development.

Identifying audience

Identifying your audience helps you visualize who you’re talking to. This helps your words flow. It also helps you identify what to write.

The marketing director identifies the executive team as the audience for the proposal. To address his audience, the director includes themes such as “market share,” “profitability,” and “return on investment.”