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Reducing Stress When Writing on a Deadline


Writing under pressure can be a stressful experience, as deadlines loom or the workload unexpectedly increases. So it’s important to relax before and during your writing. This can help you to achieve your writing goals more effectively.

Relaxation has several benefits when you’re writing under pressure. It clears the mind and relaxes the body. It also reduces anxiety. And just as important, relaxing helps ideas and words flow more easily.

There are many activities you can undertake to help you relax. For example, taking a short break helps refresh you for the writing task ahead.

Similarly, you may find taking a walk on your lunch break, outside the confines of your workplace, can help put you at ease. Taking a break from the office environment can be a very effective way to alleviate stress.

Or you might like talking to your colleagues about something completely unrelated to work, such as a TV show, a movie, or a recent sports event. Breaks like these from a pressured writing routine can all be beneficial.