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Writing under Pressure

Writing well under pressure

Remember Joel? In order to perform at his best when writing under pressure, he needs to consider three things. First, he needs to consider how he can reduce stress. Then he should think about how he can prepare his writing environment. And finally, he can look at ways he can reduce distractions while working on a writing task.

Reduce stress

While some people excel when working under pressure, others find it overwhelming. To help you reduce stress, try working relaxation and diversion into your daily routine. 

Take regular short breaks. Relaxing should help order your thoughts so you can write more effectively. Also, try temporarily working on other less demanding tasks.

Joel regularly takes a stroll on his lunch break. He finds this helps him relax.

Prepare writing environment

When writing under pressure it’s best to work in an environment you find comfortable. Often this will be your work desk. However, there are other places that could suit you better. 

An empty conference room or lunch room, or some other quiet corner of your workplace, might give you the peace you require to commit fully to the task of writing. Wherever you choose to work, ensure you have the necessary resources close at hand.