What Are Talents and Skills?

What Are Talents and Skills?
What Are Talents and Skills?

Maybe you’re a scientific genius or a world-class athlete or a groundbreaking entrepreneur… or maybe you’re not. Either way, whether you realize it or not, you’ve got talents and skills that set you apart from everyone else. These are your personal strengths that enable you to perform at your best.

The thing is, though, many people never discover what their talents and skills are — either because they don’t think they have any or they don’t think it matters. But it does matter. Knowing what your talents and skills are means knowing where your strengths lie…and that’s a critical part of being successful.

Your talents and your skills combine

But talents and skills aren’t the same. Sure, you’ll often hear the words used interchangeably — “she’s a talented musician” or “she’s a skilled musician” as if both statements have the same meaning. They don’t. Your talents and your skills combine together to give you your unique edge, but there are slight differences between the two things.

In simple terms, a talent is a special natural ability that you possess. The key word is natural. A talent isn’t something you picked up at school or learned through a job. 

So you could say that talents are natural abilities or innate capabilities or aptitudes that aren’t learned or acquired. Perhaps you’ve got a talent for drawing, making people laugh, quick learning, or getting along with people. Talents are natural to you — you just have them.

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