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Making Decisions with Self-Confidence

In addition to being realistic and action oriented, decisive people tend to have self-confidence. High self-esteem gives them a positive view of themselves, and their sense of self-efficacy gives them a belief that they can achieve what they set out to achieve.

Self-confidence is important to decision making because it generates a sense that things are under control and being handled properly. Self-confident people tend to challenge themselves more, which helps them achieve more.

They also tend to set higher expectations, which removes limitations and can promote greater success. Self-confident people also tend to handle change with more ease. This helps them avoid procrastination and helps build trust in their decision-making ability.

The consequences of low self-confidence

A lack of self-confidence can damage your decision-making abilities. Low self-confidence may have a number of consequences.

1. inaction — You may prefer to do nothing because you’re afraid of making the wrong decision. However, this is likely to make you feel defeated.

2. self-limitation — Instead of challenging themselves and taking calculated risks, people with low self-confidence play it safe and stay within their comfort zone which can set limitations on the decisions they make.

3. avoiding responsibility — Individuals who suffer from a lack of confidence tend to defer responsibility for making decisions because they believe others can make better decisions.

4. doubting your decisions — Even after they’ve made a decision, people with low self-confidence may remain troubled. If they don’t trust the decision they made, they’re likely to be fearful, anxious, or worried about whether they made the right decision.

Be Honest

Increasing your self-confidence can help you make decisions. There are three things you can do to build your decision- making confidence: be honest about when you’re at your best and when you’re not, be thorough, and be calm.

Begin to build self-confidence for decision making by being honest about when you’re at your best and when you’re not. Start by recalling instances of success or when you’ve felt you’ve done well in the past.