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Improving Team Problem Solving Skills

Keeping Team Enthusiasm

As time goes by, some team members may lose their enthusiasm. To prevent this and to ensure they remain effective team players while resolving the business problem, you need to maintain their engagement.

You can do this by:

  • holding short, productive meetings,
  • identifying progressive, meaningful milestones, and
  • celebrating your team’s successes

Holding short, productive meetings

One of the leading causes of corporate boredom centers around unproductive meetings, so cut the fat out of your meetings. Do not waste time in meetings by merely reporting team activities. 

Circulate these details prior to the meeting and thereby save your time for more important matters, such as brainstorming, problem solving, and discussing options.

Identify progressive, meaningful milestones

To reach most business objectives, several intermediate goals must be accomplished along the way. These progressive milestones present opportunities to mark your team’s progress. 

They also should be meaningful. In other words, fulfilling them should signify specific, crucial accomplishments along the road to problem-solving success.

Celebrating success

The best way to maintain team engagement is to celebrate your team’s achievements along the way. Be sure you do not omit anyone. Rewarding the team as a team goes a long way toward securing the collective enthusiasm of all group members. 

Start small, perhaps with a furnished breakfast the morning after the first accomplishment. Then cap things off with a more elaborate celebration after the team meets its ultimate goal.

By using the above strategies, you will likely guide your engaged team to problem-solving success.