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A Positive Approach

Methods for Taking a Positive Approach

By definition, a self-development strategy requires you to take the lead. You can achieve the best results when you take a positive approach, which helps ensure that you’ll succeed in becoming more assertive. You can use the following three methods for taking a positive approach:

  • developing a positive attitude, 
  • acknowledging personal strengths, and
  • celebrating success.

Developing a positive attitude

Your attitude is the key to building and strengthening the assertive style you want to claim as your own. Look for opportunities to build your self-confidence. 

Do this by seeking challenging assignments and those in which you know there’s a good chance to be successful. Also, focus on acknowledging your self-worth by recognizing the value that you contribute to the company and your co-workers.

Acknowledging personal strengths

Your positive attitude will enhance your ability to recognize and acknowledge your personal strengths. You can take the following actions to acknowledge your strengths:

  • Identification — Develop a list of your strengths. For example, you might consider your positive attitude a personal strength and so may your co-workers if you have a positive disposition.
  • Affirmation — There are many ways to recognize your strengths. For example, you may post notes in conspicuous places, with each note being a reminder of some strength. It is important to constantly tell yourself that you can use your strengths to foster your own success.
  • Accountability — Your colleagues will appreciate the fact that you are responsible and accomplish what you say you will.

Celebrating success

Go ahead and celebrate when you are successful in some endeavor, and don’t forget to celebrate when you are part of a successful group. It may be only bringing in a cake or going to lunch, but celebrations are important.

A positive approach will do wonders for you as you implement your self-development strategies to become a more assertive business professional.