Delegation essentials

Delegation essentials
Delegation essentials

How Not to Motivate a Delegate

This sort of work you may need to delegate won’t always thrill your delegates. More often they’ll be mundane, everyday chores that just need to get done. Even so you need your team to be motivated and on track. Good results come from motivation and enthusiasm.

While there are plenty of good ways to go about providing motivation, there are also some disastrous ones that you have to learn to avoid. Managers want the best for their team and their organization and motivated high-performing delegates deliver on behalf of their managers. But managers sometimes get it wrong.

Avoid publicly criticizing

Acting in ways or using methods that are counterproductive, killing motivation instead of building it. There are a number of common mistakes and negative behaviors to avoid. The first behavior is you must absolutely avoid are threatening or publicly criticizing a delegate. Threaten someone and they’ll focus on the threat not what needs to change.

It’s counterproductive and it’s not professional. And criticizing someone in public will only cause them to feel ashamed in front of their colleagues and that reduces morale. Both behaviors breed resentment and animosity and they kill motivation. Angry delegates don’t deliver.

Failure to follow up, a big mistake

It’s worth pointing out too that managers who make a habit of threatening or publicly criticizing subordinates eventually erode their own credibility and authority. Another mistake is failing to praise your delegate’s successes. Everyone response to praise. Good work, effort and successful results should be recognized and celebrated.

If successes and positive results are ignored, people start wondering whether there is any point trying or working hard next time around. Failure to follow up is another big mistake. If you don’t follow up, you won’t know if progress is being made or when your delegate is having problems. And you won’t know whether they’re staying motivated.


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