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How to Regain Motivation with a Productive Workspace

Getting Motivated to Become Organized

Do you have the kind of desk that your mother would be ashamed of? When you’re looking for an important file, do you have to search through back issues of trade mags and old lunch menus? Does it take you much longer than it should to prepare for meetings because you can’t quickly lay your hands on everything you need?

Okay, maybe you’re not quite this disorganized, but you probably know someone who is. Nearly everyone has dealt with workplace clutter at one time or another. If you have, you know that it can range from mildly annoying, to practically paralyzing.

Rewards of an organized workspace

Either way, clutter can have a serious, negative impact on productivity. The key to being productive is organization. When you work in an office, your workspace is central to everything you do. So keeping it organized is essential to being effective in your job. If you need a little motivation for changing your ways, let’s explore the rewards of an organized workspace. The first is that it projects professionalism.

First impressions matter, and your workspace is often the first impression your colleagues and clients have of you. And even if your work is impeccable, a messy workspace sends a different message. Would you rather project an image of being organized or of being overwhelmed and unable to handle your workload? Another reward is that it decreases stress.

Improve your outlook

A disorganized workspace can make you feel you don’t have your work under control, and this can increase your stress levels. If you reduce the stress by getting organized, you can focus on excelling at your job, instead of worrying about it.

The third reward you reap by organizing your workspace is that it can improve your outlook. Your desk is the first thing you see when you arrive at work, and if you work in an office, you spend many hours there every day. That means that the state of your workspace can have a big influence on your daily outlook on life.