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Why People Procrastinate

Putting off everything until the last minute is holding you back from achieving your potential.

If you’re the kind of person who puts off everything until the last minute, you probably already know that your procrastination is holding you back from achieving your potential.

But do you know why you procrastinate in the first place? Many people don’t know the underlying cause for this kind of behavior. But if you understand why something happens, it makes it that much easier to change it. There are some common causes of procrastination at work. Let’s explore them and how they might crop up in the workplace.

A fear of failing

The first is fear of failing, which often comes about because you have unrealistic expectations of yourself. Let’s say you’re part of the sales department at a publishing company, and your boss asks you to research national buying patterns for e-books.

You don’t have much experience in doing research, and you’re afraid that what you come up with won’t be up to par. So you avoid getting started on the project for as long as you can. And eventually you write a rushed paper that disappoints your boss. Your fear of failing caused you to fail. The next cause is fear of giving up control.

A lack of interest in the task

Procrastinators often don’t like deadlines, because they think that deadlines take away their own control over their work. For example, a financial planner is writing a department budget plan, which is supposed to be discussed at a meeting before it’s incorporated into the organization’s overall budget. But the financial planner procrastinates so that his proposal won’t be ready until after the meeting.

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