The Three T’s of Button Pushing

The Three T's of Button Pushing
The Three T's of Button Pushing

Are there people who push all the buttons that seem to bring out the worst in you? Well, there are customer service people that accidentally push those buttons in phone conversations with customers.

Think of the behaviors by service providers that push those anger buttons as “the three T’s”:

  • trigger phrases,
  • trigger tones,
  • trigger treatment,

Trigger tones refers to your tone of voice during a service phone call:

  • if you are sarcastic or condescending, don’t assume for a minute he won’t sense it, and
  • if you are quiet and soft, it can seem like a lack of concern or interest on your part.

The 3rd “T” is trigger treatment. Some of the patterns customers most often complain about are, “I feel like…”

  • a soccer ball: bouncing off people and parts at every turn,
  • a big bother: begging for a straight answer,
  • a missing page in the policy manual: it’s by the book or not at all, or
  • a half-told story: service interruptus.

Another hot button to think about: When a customer is disappointed, upset, or feeling confrontational, your comedy act might fall flat. In fact, in might make things worse.

Tips for Helping Four Kinds of Callers

Employees who provide customer service over the phone face a unique challenge — they must use their problem- solving skills to help unseen customers with products that the employee can’t see. To do this more effectively, these employees must learn to recognize the type of customer they are dealing with.

In general, there are four different types of customers: cocky, cowering, inexperienced, and talkative.


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