Customer Service Responsibility

Giving an Angry Customer Direction

A customer comes in at the boiling point and vents. Even after the heat of the moment has passed, the fire is far from out. Once the problem or complaint is clearly on the table, it is time to act.

The challenge of accepting responsibility for dealing with the issue and directing the conversation toward a solution rests with you. Your ability to effectively transition the customer from the complaint mode to the solution mode is the real test of a top service provider. Here are some steps you should take:

  • gather data — find out what happened,
  • summarize the information to be sure you understand,
  • offer potential solutions or alternatives to demands test customer acceptance of the solutions, and
  • set future expectations.

Sometimes a customer will keep leading you back to the anger and frustration even if you are valiantly trying to move beyond the complaint. Try to stay focused on getting from “you vs. me” to “you and me vs. the problem” get support if you think it will work for the customer

Remember; always present yourself as an ally to the angry customer, the person who is there to efficiently resolve the complaint.

Look and Act Serviceably Fit

It takes hard work and commitment to attain a high level of service fitness. There are basic guidelines critical to getting a good start.

Appearance does matter

Your image should fit the nature of the job or the particular occasion.

There is no room for stained or soiled clothing in today’s competitive work environment. If a job requires contact with extremely dirty conditions, you must plan how to accomplish your work, and be neat and clean when dealing with the customer.


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