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Your Internal Customer Service Attitude

The internal customer service attitude

Poor internal customer service — when people within an organization fail to help each other do their jobs — inevitably results in the external customer having a bad experience with the company.

To develop good internal customer service, the first thing you do is to develop the right attitude. To develop an internal customer service attitude, you have to

  • learn to see yourself as a service provider,
  • use common courtesy when dealing with your internal customers, and
  • search for opportunities to exceed your internal customers’ expectations.

Being a service provider

Companies tend to put a lot of emphasis on providing outstanding external customer service. To provide this service, a lot needs to be done behind the scenes. Often there’s a higher number of interactions between people within an organization than of interactions with external customers.

The kind of relationship that exists between service providers and customers exists both within and outside of an organization. So for a business to run smoothly, you should give internal customer service as much attention as external customer service.

Keeping this in mind will help you put the whole process into perspective. When you learn to see your colleagues as customers and yourself as a service provider, you’ll be able to help your colleagues and yourself to function well together.

In some organizations the relationship between internal customers and internal customer service providers is simple. For example, in a restaurant a waiter takes a customer’s order, then gives it to the chef. The chef relies on the waiter to get the correct order so that he can do his job properly.