Planning for Individual Excellence

Effectively Communicating Personal Concerns

When people are asked to name the number one problem in their workplace, nine times out of ten, the answer is communication.

There is a delicate balance between accepting responsibility, and over-stepping your boundaries. The goal is for you to find a way to communicate issues that are getting in the way of service excellence.

There is a recommended process for presenting your observations:

  • list the obstacle or barrier or issue,
  • briefly state what it affects,
  • detail any recommendations you have for a solution, and
  • ask for input about what actions you should take next related to these issues.

These recommendations help you to keep your objectivity and prevent your supervisor from thinking you have some hidden agenda. Influence works far better than intimidation.

If you focus on the ways cultural problems are hurting service, and stay away from personal agendas, you can inspire improvements in the service culture.

Planning for Individual Excellence

Just as an organization has a distinct culture, so does each individual department. You may have noticed other areas of an organization seem chaotic, but your department is running smoothly.

A company might not be service-focused, but a single department could still deliver superior service. This department could be called a “pocket of excellence” — its team has developed cultural strength.

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