Performance Measurement and Mission Statements

Performance Measurement and Mission Statements
Performance Measurement and Mission Statements

Importance of mission statements

Mission statements are integral to high-performing organizations. Nearly all leading corporations have a written mission statement. They’re short statements that set out an organization’s mission and strategic direction, and they communicate the company’s purpose to employees and customers alike.

A good mission statement clearly and concisely imparts a company’s reason to exist, its goals, and how it will achieve them. This can guide employees and inspire them to contribute to the organization’s high performance.

There are two primary characteristics of a good mission statement. The statement should be well-defined, and it should provide a focal point for employees’ actions.

There are three ways in which an organization’s mission statement should be well-defined. A well-defined mission statement includes objectives that are quantifiable, appropriate, and specific.

As well as being well-defined, a high-performing organization’s mission statement also provides a consistent focal point for employees’ action. It helps align leader, manager, and employee action with the organization’s strategy and underlying philosophy. Everyone sees how their role helps the organization achieve its goals.

When writing your mission statement it may be beneficial to consult with employees. When you incorporate their input, you’re more likely to create a mission statement they’ll stand by and have a greater interest in fulfilling. You could create an informal employee survey in order to get feedback from all quarters on how your organization’s mission should be defined.

If possible, you could even get feedback from customers with regard to your mission statement. Although mission statements vary in length, they should be, if possible, written so that they can be easily memorized by staff members. This makes it easier for employees to refer back to the mission statement for guidance. A great mission statement may not only guide your employees, but also inspire them to greater work.

A strong mission statement sets out in well-defined terms the purpose of the organization, its prospects for the future, and it also provides a focus to clarify employees’ positions within the organization. A well-written mission statement can even serve to inspire customers and attract prospective employees.


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