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Leadership and Customer Orientation

Customer focus

Communicating regularly with customers is an essential strategy for any high-performing organization. Using customer input enables you to create better value for both your customers and your organization.

Your organization has complete control over how it interacts with its customers. However, you have little control over some other factors that influence how customers interact with your organization. These factors include global competition, regulations, the pace of change, and technology.

There are three means by which a high-performing organization can maintain effective customer focus. First, your organization needs to have clear approaches to customer recruitment, satisfaction, and commitment.

Second, you should align your strategy to achieve value for your customers. And finally, you should ensure your employees understand customer needs and expectations, and know how their work contributes to customer service.

Your organization needs to have clearly set out approaches to customer recruitment, satisfaction, and commitment. A plan should be made that details the processes by which your organization attracts new customers, how it interacts with current customers, and how it will retain their customers in the future.

Brand differentiation, marketing, and other methods can be used to attract customers to your organization. Ongoing customer service and technical support should also be in place so that customers remain satisfied with your organization beyond just the immediate products and services they purchase.

High-performing organizations consider customer information such as feedback, sales trends, and other indicators when developing new products and services. They also accurately anticipate their customers’ longer-term needs. High-performing organizations ultimately strive to become premier value providers, exceeding customers’ expectations.

Aligning strategy to achieve value for customers is crucial. Your organization should excel at the things that provide customer value. To do this, you must know your customers and understand what their specific needs are. You can then devise a strategy that creates the most value for your customers and fosters customer loyalty.

High-performing organizations have ongoing communication with their customers. They discover what their customers need and decide which of these needs they can meet. They then design products or services that create the most value for both parties. By collaborating with your customers, your organization can build value, increase customer retention, and devise better products and services that will be popular with future customers.

In order to be customer focused, high-performing organizations must also ensure that employees understand customer needs and expectations and know how their work contributes to customer service.

Employees, especially those in regular contact with customers, need to know how their roles feed in to customer service. They should understand what customers need. You should seek feedback from customers about employees’ customer service skills, and use this feedback to help improve employees’ interactions with customers.