Developing a Goal Plan

Developing a Goal Plan
Developing a Goal Plan

Planning and Achieving Goals

As an emotionally intelligent manager, it’s important to develop your staff members. You can help your employees by working with them to set goals and achievement plans.

Developing a goal plan

This plan will break large goals into manageable steps. It will also detail the commitment both you and the employee are making.

Goal plans are appropriate only for large goals that will be accomplished over long periods of time. These plans aren’t a good match for smaller tasks. There are four steps to developing a goal plan:

Detail — Detail the goal. Use only one major goal, such as “moving into a supervisory role,” or “switching to the customer service division.” These should be goals, not tasks.

Effort — Set the steps involved in reaching the goal. Some may sound overwhelming to the employee, but he’ll see that you’re making an effort toward his development. The steps might include, for example, attending training or achieving a 95 percent error-free rating.

Action — What actions does the employee need to commit to in order to reach this goal? Which steps are the sole responsibility of the employee?

Support — What can you, the manager, do to support the employee? Which steps in the development plan are your responsibility? What commitments do you need to make? You might, for example, need to commit to give your employee some free time for working on department projects.


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