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The Need for Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

The workplace is changing rapidly. The necessary leadership skills are evolving as well. Today’s executives need to motivate others and adapt quickly.

The trends that are changing today’s work world

Technology has made a significant difference in business life. Office environments are evolving because of shifts in communication channels. Customers can choose from new kinds of products and services.

In addition to communication and products, there are other important changes occurring in today’s workplace, such as:

Geography — The Internet makes it possible for people to communicate across thousands of miles within seconds. No company has to rely only on local customers. Today, buyers can be found around the globe.

Demographics — Market boundaries used to be strictly drawn. A salesperson might be assigned to the Southwest or Northeast. Today, market lines are blurred. Salespeople market to demographics rather than territories.

Regulations — As more governments become involved in industry, more regulations spring up. These rules are further complicated by technology. It can be difficult to keep up with and implement all these regulatory requirements.

Leadership — Corporations are changing with the times. Organizational structure is shifting from strict upward hierarchical configurations to more decentralized, flat structures. This means there are fewer formal leaders in many companies.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to solve problems, work effectively with others, and make sense of the world around him. This type of brainpower is critical to leadership in the evolving business world.

Leaders need to be flexible enough to adapt to change. They also need the skills to motivate others — not only face to face, but through multiple forms of communication. These leaders will be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. (Read more on

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