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The Two Types of Intelligence

There are two types of intelligence. People can have strong emotional intelligence or a strong intellect or both.

Intellectual intelligence – Intellect refers to your problem-solving abilities, including your ability to reason and process.

Emotional intelligence – This is your ability to understand and deal effectively with feelings. This includes understanding other people’s emotions.

The function of intellect

Intellect plays a specific role in life. However, intellect alone doesn’t explain behavior. It’s important to understand how intellect plays into intelligence and the limits of the rational mind. The following questions and answers will increase your understanding:

How does it work? – Intellect is the conscious, problem-solving part of your mind. When you’re aware of your thoughts, you are using intellect. You use it to make decisions like, “The car behind me is too close. I’m moving into the slow lane so the driver can pass me.”

What does it do? – Your intellect is your ability to solve problems. You use intellect to reason through a problem. You also depend on intellect to process information. Your intellect determines the speed of the car behind you and checks the slow lane to make sure it’s clear before you move over.

Why is it important? – Intellect is the rational part of your mind. It’s based on logic and is not tied to emotions. Intellect helps you make decisions and determine the best action when you’re not emotional. This type of intelligence helps you succeed in information-processing environments like school.

What are its limitations? – Your intellect can be slow. In some situations, you won’t have time to process information and decide on action based on the facts. Intellect is measured by IQ, which describes how “smart” you are. However, IQ alone doesn’t predict how successful you will be.

Intellect is based on your capacity to solve problems. By increasing your education, whether formally or outside an academic environment, you can increase how much you know.

The characteristics of emotional intelligence

This type of thinking works with intellect to determine behavior. Emotional intelligence is a more reliable predictor of success than intellect. People with strong emotional intelligence navigate relationships more effectively and are more likely to be successful in their personal and professional lives. The following questions and answers will increase your understanding:

Where does it come from? – Your emotional intelligence comes from your experiences. Each interaction and event in your life leaves an imprint. This information is stored and retrieved to help you make instant emotional evaluations and decisions.

Does it work? – Emotional intelligence happens below the surface. It’s pre-consciousit happens before you use your intellect. You aren’t always aware of the navigations of your emotional mind. You’re only aware of your impressions and instincts.

Why is it important? – Emotional intelligence is often referred to as common sense. This brainpower helps you get along with others and build strong relationships. It helps you say the right thing and accurately judge how the other person is reacting. Emotional intelligence is based on how constructively you use your emotions. By learning from experiences, you can increase your emotional “sense.”

Emotional intelligence and intellect both contribute to your intelligence. Intellect is often associated with academic success. It relates to logic and problem-solving abilities.

Your ability to deal with people comes from your emotional intelligence. Both types of intelligence can increase or decrease, depending on your environment.