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Acting as a Coach

Acting as a coach and a counselor is a management style that goes beyond checking deadlines and filling out performance reviews. It means helping employees reach for the top by giving them feedback and helping them set goals.

Coaching and Counseling

Effective coaches apply some of the following techniques for developing and motivating people:

Reward strengths – It’s important to let people know what they’ve done correctly. Most people receive a lot of negative feedback, but never hear praise. Always let your employees know what they’ve done well.

Give feedback – It’s important to let people know what their development needs are. If they want to progress in their careers, they’ll have to tackle areas where they need improvement.

Offer challenges – Your employees want to develop. The best way for them to develop is through challenging assignments. Try to find out the skills your workers want to build, then look for assignments that will help them grow.

Allow for goal-setting – Instead of setting goals for your employees, let them set the direction for their own development. After all, they should be responsible for their own careers.

Your coaching and counseling skills will help you develop your co-workers and employees. You can take the opportunity to acknowledge other people’s strengths and accomplishments. You can also assist others by providing feedback and helping them set development goals.

Valuing Diversity

A diverse work force isn’t important just because of legal requirements. An employee base that brings together many types of people can be a strong advantage in today’s global work force.

How stereotypes can prevent you from getting along with others

You have probably heard a stereotype about every ethnic group, gender, age group, and religion. These generalizations can affect relationships, clouding the way people see each other.

Stereotypes lead people to make false assumptions. For example, just because a client is female does not automatically mean that the best person to deal with her is a woman.

To assign work based on gender or race is to fail to take advantage of diversity. Work should be assigned based on each employee’s skills.