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Skills that Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Many different factors contribute to an individual’s emotional intelligence, including a person’s ability to deal with anger and anxiety and the degree to which a person displays empathy. 

In addition, researchers Thomas Hatch and Howard Gardner have identified four social skills that contribute to and enhance emotional intelligence and help combat social ineptitudes. These four skills are:

1. An ability to organize groups

A person with this skill possesses the ability to initiate and coordinate the efforts of various people to reach toward common goals. Individuals who can organize groups demonstrate leadership skills, have an ability to relate to people from various backgrounds, and understand what motivates people. In addition, they are capable of offering direction comfortably.

2. An ability to negotiate solutions

Individuals who are able to negotiate have a unique talent for mediating. Not only can these individuals resolve conflicts when they occur, but in many cases, they are capable of keeping the lid on trouble when it’s brewing. People who are skilled at negotiation focus on solutions and actions, rather than on problems and roadblocks.

3. An ability to make personal connections

Some people seem to naturally sense and relate to other people’s feelings. These people, who are skilled in making personal connections, recognize and respond in appropriate ways to the feelings and concerns of others. They make great team players and business partners, and get along well with virtually everyone because they are so quick to read the emotional climate. This skill helps individuals succeed as sales people, managers, and teachers.

4. An ability to perform social analyses

Social analysis is the skill of knowing and understanding how other people are feeling. This can lead to easy intimacy or, at the very least, the ability to build rapport quickly.

To succeed in both professional and social environments, you need a number of social skills, including the four skills described above. To make a better social impression, self-assess your own social skills and determine your strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, you can build on your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and succeed in every environment.