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The Importance of Confidence


Confidence is important because it predicts career success. Those with confidence tend to do well in the workplace, while those without it usually fall behind.

Your confidence level affects many aspects of your work life, including:

Leadership – Leaders need confidence to get into management and supervisory positions. If you don’t have confidence, you won’t seek out positions of responsibility. You won’t have enough faith in your abilities to assume leadership.

Decision making – If you have confidence in yourself, you’ll believe that your opinions have merit. You’ll be able to weigh options and have faith that you’re choosing the best course of action. Without confidence, you’ll avoid making decisions out of the fear of making mistakes.

Facing opposition – You may have to make decisions or take actions that aren’t supported by everyone. If you have enough confidence, you’ll be able to handle opposition. People without confidence won’t stand up to others – they’ll cave at the first sign of disagreement or disapproval.

Inspiring confidence in others – If you have faith in yourself, it’s easy to inspire confidence in others. Others can sense your faith in yourself through what you say. If you say things like, “I’m not sure I can do this,” people will assume you can’t.

Ambition – If you have confidence, you’ll have more ambition. You’ll be motivated to achieve because you believe in yourself. Without confidence, you’ll avoid challenges because you won’t have the ability to bounce back from mistakes.

Seeking opportunities – If you have confidence, it’s easier to approach others about opportunities such as jobs, exciting projects, and promotions. If you have little confidence, you’ll be too afraid of rejection to seek out opportunities – and you’ll miss out.

Confidence helps you act with courage in particular situations. Courage matters when the risks of not speaking out are greater than the risks of staying quiet. It should be based on an understanding of the facts and of your ability to judge the facts. Finally, courage should be motivated by what’s in everyone’s best interests.

A lack of confidence can negatively affect your ability to move forward in your career. Self-assurance is a key factor in workplace success.