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Being a mentor and being willing to mentor others is of great importance for professional development.


An old and wise mentor

While the term mentor is very popular and often misused it’s important to note that very few people know the origin of the word. The story of Mentor comes from Greek mythology in fact from Homer’s Odyssey.

When Odysseus, King of Ithaca, was called away to fight in the Trojan war he entrusted the care and protection of his household and his son Telemachus to a friend named Mentor.

Mentor was trusted by the King to be a teacher, guardian, counselor, coach protector and overseer to Telemachus and he served in those roles with great care and affection.

Mentorship today

Today the word mentor means roughly the same thing a person whom we consider to be a trusted teacher, advisor, friend and wise counselor, and you should never underestimate the power of having a mentor and being a mentor.

Successful people almost always have a network of mentors to help them make good decisions, plan more effectively and create and maintain professional networks and successful people know that men treat other people helps them keep their feet firmly planted on the ground, causes them to stay humble and keeps them connected to the things going on around them.

Professional relationships matters

As we move through life pursuing our careers it’s critically important to remember that relationships are the cornerstone of our careers and the foundation of life. Each of us needs to take responsibility for being an effective mentor to the people around us.

People who are less fortunate than ourselves and the people who have something to be gained by having access to our experience consult, support in network. At the same time each of us needs to have a mentor in our lives the same reasons and given the importance of this practice maybe this is the expertise that each one of us might set the goal of developing world-class talent around.

So make sure that you have a mentor in your life to help turn your thoughts into action and your actions into success and whether it’s improving your leadership skills, developing your emotional intelligence, improving your coaching or team building skills or developing any of the other skills needed to perform effectively and make use of that special mentoring relationship to develop the knowledge and talents that are most critical to your success.

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