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Reshaping Business Processes

Business is about making processes effective and using process thinking  for figuring out what work needs to be done, and how to use time and resources. It’s about “doing the right things”, focusing your efforts on outcomes that create defensible value but also about “doing things right”, which means performing work in most efficient manner possible.

Providing something of value, quality for the price paid or an outcome that has a meaning for the customer is a result of a process that takes into consideration the voice of the customer, the “right things” to do that should be in line with providing outcomes that customers want and are willing to pay for and the voice of the business, the business’s needs for revenue, profitability, growth, image, stature, and meaningful jobs for employees.

But, in the end the most important for your business is to understand that everything is a process, that means a series of actions with a time to realize, resources to be used, some time to wait before continuing and a quality attached to all of the actions. When you put everything on paper you’ll realize that some actions can be shortened and improved and some can even be eliminated. And,  by doing this you achieve business process effectiveness.

It’s that easy! when you see the big picture, split into its component actions you can find a way to reduce process time, distinguish actual work time from the total cycle time that is necessary to successfully realize a process and understand why first-time quality matters for every business process, because this saves resources and helps you improve the performance of the entire business process.

While doing all this important process improvement don’t forget that what matters for the client is value provided by your business. So, focus on that when making your processes more effective and try to eliminate whatever is against the lean principles. don’t forget that some actions are necessary even if those are non-value added and you should keep them in order to keep the whole business mechanism working, but constantly try to improve your value added time.

After all this is clear, draw a future state map, and adjust your processes to fit with your vision, and reconfigure everything to fit your needs on the short and long time. You’ll define in this way a value stream map that will help you consistently make profit and stay away from the trouble spots.