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What Makes a Great Place to Work?

You might go with the obvious answer. It’s good health plans and great retirement programs with matching contributions. And you would be right. It’s what solves the basic problem. On the list there is also room for flexible working hours, gym access and paternity leave.

Some things that matter for employees when asked are also the unlimited paid time off, and many employers offer this with or without onsite medical services and childcare. Too busy for dry-cleaning? There are companies that offer concierge shopping and running errands. And, this is common, some companies even pay your trip to work and back while most of them offer paternity leave.

A free daily lunch might also define a great place of work, and the list could be longer, and one place is held for sure by the possibility to get some sleep while at work, just to replenish your creative energies and give birth to all those great ideas in which, for sure, you will include some for of profit sharing. At the end of the day with all those perks, you are doing the hard work.

So, whatever helps a worker is a good addition to the workplace environment. The only problem is that any advantage given to the worker costs and will be included at some point in the final costs of each product or service. For sure the problem here is keeping costs under control to maintain a company competitive.