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Educating marketing

In a period when I was just getting ready for my first big failure, it happened that I had a friend always ready to give me information and sell something aside. To be honest for somebody starting a business I felt that the information that I was getting for free was much more valuable than the services I payed, and those were just a sort of affiliate services.

Internet was not big enough to be the weapon of choice for marketers, and education as package for marketing was still in its infancy, but this was for me a perfect example of education and marketing driving sales for the friend I mentioned. And this was his style of doing business. A lot of people that knew him start some stories about lessons they have learned with a “I had a friend, that…”

And it’s the same guy, teaching what he knew for free and selling while doing this. Why? It’s simple! People like to make informed decisions and having a lot of information to educate themselves for future similar decision gives extra value to a potential offer, if this is seen as totally free of any strings. You know that your friend is also a businessman but since you value knowledge you’ll happily pay for some services.

I remember asking if this effort is worth it. And the answer was as simple and as direct as his lessons: sometime yes and sometime no, but when I draw the line I see that by being a learner and a teacher I can make a comfortable living while selling some services that I don’t even deliver. I was not very familiar with affiliate marketing at the moment as I was not really aware of the value of education in business, but I still remember that moment when I instantly thought I can also do this.

At least I should have done it. I quickly become lost in my way of doing things which was not making enough profit to keep the business afloat, and finally when I found some time to start learning again and have the opportunity to mix education and marketing was just after I failed my first company. Also a lesson about educating yourself as a business person. I see now that I just had a different learning style. I tend to pay attention to lessons that I should have learned from others, after I fail.

But this is an old story, now you see a small ad on my article. This is what I’m doing. I have a lot of educational content to sell while doing educational articles. Some find them interesting and pay my ad a visit. And, you know the rest of the story. Internet made educational content way more important in marketing and sales. It’s easier to deliver and easier to engage.