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Find Your Next Brilliant Idea

Brilliant ideas are not the most obvious ones and certainly not those that result form a carefully conducted brainstorming process. One counter-intuitive way is to use the bad ideas and make them brilliant. This will certainly make the difference, simply because it’s something totally different from what every body does. Of course, don’t confuse this trial with going crazy on bad ideas, but now and then give another chance to a bad idea that startles your imagination.

Well, now is the moment when you ask yourself what do I mean. I mean that some ideas look wrong by any common sense criteria, yet they work and to make myself better understood I going to give some examples, and I am sure you can find some more if you really think about brilliant ideas that used to sound crazy when they where first put to practice or even when expressed.

You know how the world was not such a good place before the vaccines? It seems like an extremely bad idea to fix a virus induced medical problem with a virus. Yet, this actually worked, and now there are a whole range of vaccines against a wide variety of viruses. And all of them prove what a brilliant idea was to inject people with viruses, specially prepared and delivered of course.

What about launching a ship by making it fall? It sounds even crazier isn’t it? Well you are right, it does. But, making some parts of a rocket fall after a certain height is reached is not such a bad follow up on the making something fall to make sure that it gets up in the air. This is why now, it’s almost a rule for rocket fuel tanks to be thrown away at a certain point in the ascendent trajectory.

You want a funny example? There is one about some people selling raisins. They brainstormed, they hired more creatives they tried more channels, and basically nothing had such an impressive bang for the money spent. Until somebody said that the only thing they had to do is to “make the raisins dance”. Which, crazy as it might sound, they actually did and this proved to be an amazing promo.

So, there is some merit to rethinking bad ideas. I just gave some examples, there are many more that prove yet another situation of thinking outside the box. The box in this case being filed with perfect, common sense tested, expert generated and time tested solutions. We just need to look once more at what looks silly, stupid, strange, or unprofessional. Just try it!