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Entrepreneurs are different

It seems that these days everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. People see problems and take initiative in solving them. And, this includes the conflict between financial security and selling freedom, work and creativity in exchange for it. But, this is not a path for everyone and the adventure might end abruptly if you are not the right kind of person.

Entrepreneurs are not good employees

Entrepreneurs try to get a regular job and most of the time they fail at doing it. But being entrepreneurs they keep trying for a while, hoping that the right job will come and that this will be satisfactory. Which, never happens to those who don’t obey and try to break the system that thrives on the work and creativity of employees. The rules of a regular job simply don’t have any meaning.

Entrepreneurs find it difficult to work for someone else

Working with someone else, no problem. But, when it comes to having a  boss or a whole line of bosses each sprouting orders, then the situation becomes unbearable. And, this is not just about pride or freedom, it’s more of a drive to build something with their hands and minds. It’s possible, there are many examples that prove it. The best ones being people that had a huge problem in working for someone. Usually they started small and independently, hustling for years.

Entrepreneurs have something to prove

The reason for this urge is not always clear. Maybe is a personal issue resulted from years of frustration with how things work at home, professionally or at a larger level, in the society. Maybe is the social context and this glorification of personal risk and of the fearless trial and error business model development, but it’s so true: entrepreneurs have a lot to prove, and sometimes they do so by changing the world around them.

Entrepreneurs make things happen

This is actually the big difference. Changing the status quo will solve problems and help the entrepreneur build a business, but doing so is not an easy task. Bending reality to principles is never easy and the capacity to pursue a goal to make things happen takes a special person to develop. They do calculate risks of course, but most of the times they act when is safe enough not when something is risk free.

Entrepreneurs are expert connectors

It is said that there are 6 degrees of separation between all the 7 billions humans living on this Earth. Entrepreneurs breach 2 – 3 levels, and live the rest for multinational corporations. Knowing everybody in your business and much more is a necessity and having the ability to use the tools for that is more than needed to develop a succesfull business.

Entrepreneurs don’t waste opportunities

An opportunity lost will never come back. Time is of the essence here, and opportunities have a short shelf life. Somebody else will take it or it will simply get not so attractive in time. Yes, there is the risk but if you see the opportunity that you have dreamed about, don’t think too much, just take it. Of course, make sure before doing it that you can survive failing, but don’t wait until your 100% prepared. By then it will be too late.

Entrepreneurs are not afraid of hearing a hard “No”

A polite “no” is difficult to handle. Entrepreneurs are ready for the rude “no”, and they are ready to ask for more just to be sure that they are not loosing an opportunity out of misunderstanding or of a bad pitch. And unlike the persistent salesman, they use rejection to learn and adapt. It’s not just a way of dealing in a war of giving and taking value.

Entrepreneurs are comfortable with failure

It’s part of the game. You will fail many times before succeeding. You just need to create and take advantage of the 100 opportunities in order to find the one that will work. And, the 100 is not the correct figure, most of the great entrepreneurs they failed 3 – 4 times then they hit gold. But, one has to be prepared for more failure and has to be sure that this can be managed. Being prepared for failure does not mean seeking self destruction.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers

If you are fed up with people complaining and not doing a thing to improve a situation, you understand what problem-solving is and why entrepreneurs are different. They see a problem and they come up with a solution. Not the perfect one maybe, but one that works and that allows with some creativity a lot of room for improvement.

Entrepreneurs are workaholics 

Nobody cares about our business and about our life like we do. It’s a fact. So, we need to put a lot of effort to make things work. Which means time spent working while other just enjoy and have fun. The point here is to not over do the workaholic routine and keep in mind that life is to be lived and that part of being a real entrepreneur is also living your life beyond work.