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Be brave!

Yes, this is yet another article on stopping procrastination. Not a new and improved method. Not a story about how bad I was and how good I am not. Not some great epic about somebody that I once knew and now I am honored to have ever known because he battled his demons and now is a great person. It’s not that kind of story.

I was always good at doing things in time and I still a rigorous routine of learning and working. To put it simply, when I plan something I am doing it no matter what. Sometimes I am late, sometimes I change the original scope of what I plan, but when I plan I execute, Which is great, and I am considered to be quite an effective leader.

Yet, many times I wonder if more and better can be done. Am I choosing the right projects? Am I setting the right goals? Is it maybe the case that I am playing it safe and that I use the roads I know? I don’t have an answer. Honestly, I am not really sure about this since it’s so difficult to have real feedback on personal choices.

What I know is that I wish I would have taken some decisions sooner and I now know that I spent too much time trying to be sure about a decision or another. And, I do agree, once something works it seems an easy decision just because now it’s obvious that it works.  Being brave and acting at the right time is therefore  linked with the information that you need to take a decision and your risk tolerance.

So, if the question is when should I act when I see a problem, the answer is simple: Now! Acting means don’t postpone a decision. It’s costly and it leads you on the wrong direction. Procrastination and postponing decisions does not make you safe or better prepared for something you don’t know. And this explains why we prefer to work for a C grade student that is just brave enough to take the risks that an A grade student is not willing to take.