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The 4 Lies Entrepreneur Tell Themselves

Being an entrepreneur is not always nice. In fact, being an entrepreneur is rarely nice. Entrepreneurship is difficult for you, for your family and for your friends. You never have time, you are always thinking about something else and, being emotionally absent, it’s difficult for you to have meaningful relationships.

The question is what is more important. You or what you do for a living. Or, is it about you and your significant others, you and your family?! Will you choose staying late at office to finish that important activity and deliver as soon as you can?! Or, you go home and spend time with you family and friends?! Is this such a difficult choice?!

Well, we all know it is a difficult choice. And when deciding one way or another we tell us some practical lies. It’s the explaining we have to do for our conscience to rest at peace. “I’m doing this for my family”. I’m sure you said it at least once. “My spouse understands”. Does she/he?!

“All I need is one hit and then I can slow down and/or retire”. I surely say this often. “I’ll make it up by spending “quality time” with my wife/kids”. What is quality time?! All the time spent with somebody should be quality time! Just some examples. Maybe you don’t do it, but surely a lot of entrepreneurs tell themselves these lies.