The Real Cost of Ignoring Problems

The Real Cost of Ignoring Problems
The Real Cost of Ignoring Problems

The problems that you ignore, don’t just go away. Never. You push you mind and your body everyday, trying to juggle with all sorts of problems. And this has an impact on you. Mentally, physically, financially, socially – running a business can be taxing. Especially if you put passion at job.

The problem with your problems is that they are yours. No expert can be better at solving your problems than you are. This is why ignoring them is so costly. You make subjective decisions, and the easiest ones are not to act, to postpone action or to simply forget about what is bothering you.

Going by the book if you are not good with respecting rules will be difficult. Persistence and creativity is what will give you enough drive to stay on top of daily problems, and solve them one by one as you should. But that’s theory! It’s up to you to find the right way.

If you are going to solve problems, solve them all. Prioritize, make lists but don’t avoid the ones that look difficult and don’t fool yourself by thinking that solving a part of the problems is enough. Guess what?! We are lazy and avoid risks. This is human nature. So, the choice will be to ignore what matters.

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