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5 Work Productivity Hacks

There is now perfect productivity method. We all tried some tricks without results and we all have some bad habits that ruin our productivity. Many of us tried to change, but only few have managed to consistently improve their productivity on the long run. So, what works? That’s the question!

Cancel recurring meetings, they quickly start to be useless. Just meet when you really need to meet and make it short. Stand if possible, and set a time beforehand. Respecting people’s time is important. Also, delegate more, and relax more. Not all tasks are important, just keep for yourself the most important and know at what you are good.

Hang out and work with positive people. It’s simply easier to achieve your objectives and stay positive. You’ll learn from the best, they are those positive enthusiastic people that we all envy for their success. Since you are there break tasks into small bits. Then breathe and start with the first step. It’s totally doable.

And, don’t waste time with temporary solutions. Sometime there is no other way, but if there is a way and you can afford to look for the right solution, take your time and do it right from the first time. But, the best advice possible, is to make the habit of evaluating from time to time your productivity. See how it works and improve.