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Techniques for Making Fascinating Content

People read what is interesting and useful for them. It’s the only truth you need to be a fascinating writer. The rest is your ability to write and the emotions you are able to transmit. And, yes, language can be a great barrier even for a proficient non-native writer. Which is also my case.

This is why, I try to keep it simple and to the point. There is no secret recipe and no magical techniques to good writing. Use data and images to give credibility to your writing. Human brains love what looks like a proof, and if you put your time and build a solid proof you have a winner.

Using quotes als helps. This attract attention and gives a different perspective although connected with an authoritative point of view. Sometime this attracts attention of even this who only intent to skim through your article. May is because quotes carry with them an embedded legitimacy. Who knows?!

Use stories to keep users engaged especially when the topic is arid and boring. Make it personal eve if you adapt a story you just heard, but don’t try to steal or fake the story. Reality is often rich enough to give us the right story, there’s no need for well crafted lies to support an argument.

Make your text readable by using subtitles, and other techniques that improve the reader experience. You don’t write for you, you write for the reader. Always remember this. Structure you content, so that this is clear and reader friendly.

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