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Goal Setting Is a Complete Waste of Time for New Entrepreneurs

Contrary to what is generally believed goal setting is not always the priority, especially for the entrepreneurs. At the beginning it just complicates things and it’s too much to try to be “SMART” with your goals. You just don’t know enough to make good objectives, so it’s better to keep it simple and stay in business.

Bad goals are worse than no goals at all, setting them is much easier said than done, and there is always the risk of aiming too high or too low, and not improving your performance by setting goals. The result might be exactly the opposite by giving you a false sense of comfort or by stretching you too muh.

Early goal setting might make you overlook the importance of the processes that make your business viable in the present time. Is at the moment you operate that you have to keep your focus not on future arbitrary goals and metrics. The present is the only thing you can control, and only the present performance and effort defines a great future.

Reality is constantly and rapidly changing, which will make your goals useless in months form establishing a plan, and customers needs will certainly be more important than your great vision for the future, if they choose based on those needs to buy or not. So, be proactive and also avoid getting into fear of failure traps and creativity killing attitudes, and all you need is just be sure that you execute properly for now.