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What Needs to be Outsourced to a Virtual Assistant

There is a simple answer to the question on what needs to be outsourced to a virtual assistant. Extremely simple. But, in spite of the answer being so obvious, we continue to work way too much when we can hire help, simply because it’s easier for us to do business in our way. The learning curve in working with one or a team of VAs is making us hesitate.

Everything possible needs to be outsources! And, most of the stuff we do can be outsourced safely. Social marketing, takes a lot of time to do properly even with the help of Artificial Intelligence. A VA or a team of VAs will make the powerful AI platforms work for you. They still need human input.

Video production also is a difficult task if your business model is focused on a steady stream of video content. And you can many spend hours in a row to produce a good video, while this might not be really your core competency. So, why not use a VA for that?! There are many ways you can find them.

Just 2 examples out of hundreds possibilities for a VA to help you. The internet will do the rest. Just really think what you need and can externalize and google for a VA. Your life will certainly be better, and your business will grow faster. Try it, and you’ll see for yourself!