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7 Simple Ways to Get Into a Flow State When Writing

Some find it impossible to write. A few of us can do it, even if now and then our brain simply wont work. It’s called the writer’s block and it happens to most of those who write as a profession. We simply have to embrace it and continue working. Inspiration is there and with time, this does not happen as often and is easier to manage.

Eliminate all distractions! Most of the times it’s not a writer’s block, it’s simply a writer’s distraction. No social media, no television, no radio, no checking emails. Nothing is more important than your time dedicated to writing. No friends, no anything that can disturb you. Just focus, and maybe listen to some soft instrumental music.

Drink water! Your brain needs it. You’ll be a better writer and your mind won’t get into a  fog zone so often if you are hydrated. You will not be warned, you will just lose focus an it will be difficult to recover. Use some health supplements, if your diet does not cover everything, and don’t depend on stimulants like coffee or energy drinks. Alcohol is a definite no.

Take a break! When inspiration is failing you, simply thinking about being stuck is not a solution. Take a real brea, do something else, and don’t forget to exercise as often as possible and without straining yourself. The point is not to become a champion. The point is to be healthy and function better.