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8 Keys to Coming Off as the Expert

To be honest there are more than eight the keys to coming of as the expert, but selling is difficult enough without so many keys. So, we’ll try to focus on what’s important on the look like an expert side of selling. And, the best reason for this is that the most successful salespersons are considered as experts in their fields.

Don’t think like a salesperson, would be a great start. People tend to spot fake interest and react in consequence. If this happens you lost more than a client, you also lose some credibility with other potential clients. So, be patient in presenting yourself as the expert in what you sell.

Some say that adopting a doctor’s mindset is a great way to adapt your sales techniques to the need of the potential customer. Ask questions to understand where is the problem and act to solve it. So, lose the PEP techniques – Persuasion, Enthusiasm and Pitch most of the time make you look way too salesy.

Try to understand the challenges that the potential customer faces and ask about them overtly if this is not obvious. If you see that what you sell is not what the person in front of you be ready to walk away, you’ll both end up losing from continuing a bargaining or making a bad sale.

Lastly, remember the 15% rule. You don’t make the sale if you have the speaking advantage, you make it if you listen more and speak only when needed. You wouldn’t want to look like being in need for a sale, even if – let’s be honest – sometimes you need to make that particular sale.

Tu sum up: be patient, actively listen and solve a problem if you want to make a sale. It’s even simpler than the 8 keys presented in the video. The essence is to make use of the common sense.