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4 Ways to Keep Mobile Tech from Hindering Your Productivity

Mobile technology is certainly fun for a while, but then you find yourself reading work e-mails on a Saturday during brunch. Which, if you do it once, it’s not a problem at all. But then you start doing it few times a day, and this is also fine, until it becomes work and you are always doing this. Is this good for work? Maybe on the short run! Is this good for you? Certainly not.

What about using mobile tech for work? Is it a good idea to check your emails every 10 minutes, just because you have them with you on a smartphone? Is it a good idea to bring your iPad to a meeting? It depends how boring it is of course, but if you need to stay focus than use it only to support your meeting performance.

To keep it short, mobile tech is good if used well. Pick the right tool for what you need, not all the smartphones, laptops and tablets are useful for what you actually need them. So, do a bit of thinking first. Set limits for yourself and for the others. Make some time for no mobile technology, and no technology at all. And, use your gadgets only for a certain amount of time.

This I’m sure most of you guys do, but adopt a face first policy. Don’t meet people over email if possible, use Skype or something similar if needed, and never send an email to your colleague if you share the same office. It might be fun or easy, but it hurts your work relationship. But, be flexible and support flexibility. That’s the point with mobile technology.