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10 Things to Do for Effective Meetings

Meetings are an important part of doing business, and on the effectiveness of such events depends your success. It’s not easy at all when meetings are a part of your daily agenda. It takes a lot of energy and you need to stay focused for long periods of time, while conflicts are not easy to avoid.

Distractions are a big problem, and there are a lot of them. A smartphone, a tablet, an urgent call, your personal problems, the other issues on your agenda, and so on. All keep you from paying attention and some times make you lose your focus during important meetings.

But there is a method to deal with all that can go wrong with a meeting. First of all the right participants. Use a need to really know and need to bring some useful input principle. Don’t make a large meeting just in case. This might cost time and make participants with an interest lose focus.

Understand your participants and their needs. Solve their problem also by having this meeting and frame it in the right way to make them understand this. Also hide all potential distractions, even if sometime these are kept for professional use. Smartphones and laptops are distractions if used as distractions.

Allow participants time to speak and make sure that everybody listens everybody. Is common sense, but people go so often against common sense that you need to remind them. And, by all means, start on time and end on time. All your colleagues have an agenda. Don’t abuse their time.

Go straight to the point and don’t say more that you would like to hear if you would be the listener. Be clear and concise, time is of the essence but more important is to understand that attention is a precious gift. So, do this, summarize quickly and, if possible, record yourself to analyze and see what needs to be improved.

That’s it! Use these suggestions, and you’ll make the most of yours and your participants time!