4 Rules to Remember When Networking

4 Rules to Remember When Networking
4 Rules to Remember When Networking

It sounds difficult, and it is. It’s not something we would do for pleasure, except for those with a natural talent and propensity in meeting lots of people. The point is to have a clear objective. We need to do it if we want our business to grow, and certainly one big network is part of success.

The next video will give you some details, but just to sum up it’s all about growing, being real, get yourself known and bet on quality. Quite obvious, grow your network as much as possible, but try to build personal relationships with your network. This is how a network works, by keeping things personal.

People care about you and value your business if they know you bring value to them. So, let yourself be known as a subject matter expert or their problem solver. But, most of all, you need referrals and this only works if you deliver good quality work and have a solid reputation.

And, what else?! Yes! Respect everyone! You never know when you lost a great occasion to gain a client!

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