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5 Limiting Beliefs

Whatever we do must be perfect. The product or the service must be perfect before launch. Not good enough, but perfect. We sell products and services, not results. Focus on development is what matters, and the clients will come. And, of course, we must know everything that goes on inn our business. Everything, if not, the world will probably be the same.

Yet, we are too wise and too hard working to step up and step out of out comfort zone, and maybe do some marketing or sales. It’s what we know best that matter, and trying to learn new things and do what we don’t like will most probably ruin us and our reputation. Oh, yes, and our job is not to tell people what to do. If one does this, is a heartless demanding robot, and we all hate this

Every business failure starts with a leader’s limiting beliefs. If you don’t want to be among those majority of business that fail fast and costly, try to fix your mindset before. Most of the time you lack flexibility or true grit, and your team is not a team yet and you don’t have the means to make it work.