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5 Budgeting Myths You Should Ignore

It’s a skill. You might hate it, but you can learn to do it. And, it’s surprisingly rewarding if you give it some of your time and attention. You’ll find that budgeting doesn’t even have to be that detailed. What you need budgeting for matters. If you start in advance and organize your documents while archiving them, this is not even time consuming. By archiving I mean of course more than throwing them in a big box.

The main barrier is in your mind. You already decided that you cannot do it and that this is so difficult that you could never do it. Budgeting is simply impossible because you made your mind that this is impossible. And, you know what I’m going to say now: you are right even when you decide you cannot do it. But, let’s not ruin a great video presenting 5 Budgeting Myths that you should forget if you want to be successful.