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Here’s How Much Money You Lose by Not Investing

If you have a good job and enough money to pay the bills, a roof over your head, food to put on your table, internet access and a reason to leave home for work, you are one of the luckiest people in our world. Life is great, and it will be even better since you will get promoted and earn more if you continue doing your job. The only problem is that you are not really doing as great as you deserve, because you lose a lot of money by not investing.

Maybe you have something on your retirement plan, but for sure you didn’t really pay attention to long term returns on investments and even on how much money you can make only by saving, say $20 every month for the next 25 years. This might really make you reach and independent financially, and spare you of the trouble of fighting for a promotion or for the benevolence of your boss. Here’s why in the next video.