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Don’t Panic! You are the leader now!

“You got the promotion! Congratulations. You move offices tomorrow.” First, you’re relieved. You still have a job! Then, you’re pumped. You just got a raise and an amazing new title overnight. But then, the panic seeps in. You’ve never had this much responsibility. You were on auto-pilot yesterday, and now you need to step up.

Don’t think about the big picture.

It may seem counter intuitive, but stop worrying about the entirety of your new job and all of its responsibilities. It will do nothing but stress you out. There is no time to sit at your new desk and simply overwhelm yourself with contemplating all you have to do. Plus, if you enable yourself to worry about these endless duties while you’re at work, it won’t stop there. You will start to carry this stress home with you at night and risk having it interfere with your time off.

Start owning up to mistakes now.

Instead of trying to appear like the perfect manager, you need to get used admitting your mishaps. Beat your boss to the chase and own up to mistakes before they get too big to ignore. With any new responsibility in life comes the opportunity to start out strong. Prove that you were the right person for this gig by taking responsibility for everything you do from the get go.

Ask for help.

Although you’re nervous about everything that accompanies the new job, you may hold back on asking for assistance. You want to appear confident—like you already know exactly what to do. Yet, no one expects you to already have it handled! You’re in a new a position, and any person in a new position needs some guidance as they settle in.

If you can show up each day with a positive, can-do attitude and a commitment to the job at hand, no one will doubt your capabilities in the new position. They’ll respect you for admitting when you make mistakes or need help. In fact, you’ll inspire everyone around you to show up and do the same.

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