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6 signs that show you are underpaid

Only 19 percent of American workers are comfortable with their earnings, according to a recent salary report from job search site Indeed. And when asked how much more they would need to feel comfortable, 54 percent of respondents said they’d have to earn an extra $6,000.

1. Your co-workers are getting paid more for the same job

Krystal Covington — job expert, national speaker and founder of the social enterprise group Women of Denver — once discovered she was being underpaid in a unique way. “Someone in HR accidentally sent me a spreadsheet with every salary in the company on it,” she said. It hurt, but it also spurred her into action.

2. The data is on your side

There are many websites that can help you determine your worth, said Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, a digital investment platform created for women. For example, she recommended Comparably, which offers salary reports that can help you see where your compensation ranks among similar jobs.

3. Your peers are getting promotions

Have you noticed fellow employees moving on or out while you stay in the same position with the same pay — all while you do great work? It could mean that, without knowing it, you have moved up the ladder — without the pay benefit, said Lauren McAdams, a career adviser and hiring manager at Resume Companion.

4. You developed new skills but haven’t earned a raise

Have you added skills, a certificate or a degree to your resume? That could be a sign that you deserve more pay. “Simply putting the time in with a company does this to some degree,” said McAdams. “But if you’ve received certifications or continuing education… but have not been rewarded for your greater effectiveness, now’s the time to bring that to the attention of your manager.

5. Your boss never followed through

Whether it was stated outright or heavily implied, employees are often working under the impression that if certain projects or goals are finished or attained, they’ll get more pay. But, like a workplace sitcom, sometimes signals are crossed and the boss forgets all about the deal.

6. Your company is offering more pay for a similar job

If your company is hiring new people to do a job identical or similar to your own, this is a great opportunity to get a feel for whether you’re being underpaid. If you find that your company is willing to pay others more for your position, it might be time to visit the HR department.

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