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3 methods to unlock your happiness

True joy & happiness come together when you’re consciously aware that you are feeling happy & feel a sense of deep satisfaction with life — moment to moment. Here are three ways to begin cultivating happiness into your life:

Enhance Your Self-Awareness

In order for us to experience an extraordinary life we must start focusing on developing our self-awareness. It’s very important to understand what your thoughts, emotions, strengths and weaknesses are & why you have them. As we become more familiar with ourselves, we can start to improve on our weaknesses & focus on more important life goals.

Move Your Body More

Optimizing your health and making sure you’re exercising enough is a vital component in how you are feeling emotionally, every day. If you lack energy, feel unmotivated, can’t keep focused, or feel sluggish throughout certain parts of your day, then moderate physical activity is necessary for you.

Be Grateful

The foundation of your happiness is dependent on your appreciation for life itself. We must choose to pick appreciation over our own self-pity. When you become grateful for what you already have, life reveals it’s blessings to you. Research shows that being grateful reduces toxic emotions such as regret, fear, anger and anxiety. This is correlated to effectively increasing our happiness and reducing depression.

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