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Why People Fail at Switching Jobs

I’ve worked with many professionals who feel “rusted out” in their current career. They want to make a shift. They talk dreamily about how much greater their personal and professional lives will be if they can just go where the grass is greener a/k/a a different industry or profession. 

Sadly, most never make it to these greener pastures

Changing careers is like driving down the highway at 200 miles per hour and wanting to get off at the next exit. You need to slow down, signal, and move yourself towards the ramp with plenty of time or you’ll miss it.

Caution: Don’t jump out of the frying pan and into the fire

Choosing a new career path should be done with care. Spending time with people who do the work you want to do is vital, along with extensive research. I’ve seen many people hastily leave one career, only to end up in a worse one.

Employers don’t see you the way you see yourself

Just because you have realized you want to go from being a business analyst to a marketing manager doesn’t mean hiring managers will too. The No.1 roadblock to changing careers is the ability to market yourself successfully without a track record of success in the career you want to pursue.

P.S. – Let your passion show!

While the method above can help you prove to an employer you’re a fit for the new career path you desire, nothing beats a compelling story as to why you’re drawn to this new profession. Sharing how your interests, values, and beliefs will be better served by this role can sway employers in your direction.

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