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3 Ways to Spread an ‘Intrapreneurial’ Spirit Throughout Your Company

To build a brand today, you need to be known for more than just your product. You want to become known as a company that will truly enhance its customers’ lives. Apple knows this; that’s why its product reveals and Worldwide Developer Conferences are such extravagant affairs. The goal is to create a lifestyle that people want to buy into.

First, know the ‘why’ behind your event.

The best way to successfully walk that line between a great experience and an overly promotional event is to understand the “why.” Why are you hosting the event? Why do you incorporate your brand when you do?

Next, focus on the right things to develop your event.

There are a million logistics involved in event planning, but here are three things to focus on:

1. Know your “three words.” 

According to the EventTrack 2016 Experiential Marketing Content Benchmarking Report, a survey sponsored by Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic, 72 percent of consumers surveyed said they viewed brands in a positive light when those brands deliver unique, high-quality branded events. Moreover, 74 percent said they were more likely to purchase products that were promoted through engaging experiential marketing events.

2. Have your most enthusiastic staff and customers on hand. 

I don’t mean just the people working the event, either. Proactively seed the audience and the venue with people who are superfans of your brand, even if they’re not the most knowledgeable on how your company works. Enthusiasm spreads.

3. Align the event with your broader mission. 

Hosting events is a fun and exciting way to grow your brand. As long as you focus on your why, you’ll get to connect with cool people in strategic positions, craft killer experiences that build affection and loyalty in your customer base, and grow your business by introducing it to new potential customers.

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